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Institutional Information:

This area offers a new and powerful data tool. Find data on any institution in the United States, including hiring trends, salary data, student enrollment and much more. Also, get comparable information about your peer institutions. All data comes directly from the Department of Education, based on information reported annually by the institutions.

State Finance Information:

Get an overview of your state's financial situation as it pertains to higher education, including higher education expenditures, changes in those expenditures over a five-year period, student enrollment trends, information on average incomes in a particular state, and more. In addition, view data as it applies to all 50 states and see how your state compares to the rest of the nation.

State IPEDS Information:

View trends in your state's higher education faculty salaries, staffing and enrollments. Ten year trends in salaries, number of faculty, details about tenure status and non-instructional staff composition are displayed here. Also view your state’s enrollment breakdown by enrollment and student characteristics.